This morning one of us was out on the grounds of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum in beautiful Auburn Hills, MI โ€” to check out the Chrysler Employee Motorsport Association (CEMA) 17th annual car show. This year's theme for the massive Mopar extravaganza is "Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Dodge Charger" โ€” so one can guess which pony's featured today. But the event's not limited to Mopar muscle โ€” it's a veritable cornucopia of automotive Americana. But CEMA ain't just a "show car" club. Since the organization boasts a plethora of Chrysler-ites โ€” they've got the engineering muscle to work on some neat little side projects like the "High and Mighty II" above. The objective of the High and Mighty II was to re-create the legendary 50's drag racer โ€” the High & Mighty โ€” based on a 1949 Plymouth business coupe, and campaigned by the Ram Chargers in 1959. The car was a test bed for many revolutionary drag racing innovations still in use today. We'll have more on this loud an' lively little drag racer in a bit โ€” as well as some great picture galleries over the weekend โ€” just keep checking back here for more updates.