Jalopnik Fantasy Garage: What Now?

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We have finally filled the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage with a set of some of the most desirable, interesting, quirky, historic and noteworthy automobiles in the history of the art. This is not to say it is the definitive list of all things both fantasy and Jalopnik. A case in point was topping off the garage two weeks ago with the 1970 Chevrolet El Camino 454SS — some considered it absolute travesty we hadn't entered it sooner, others considered the entry phoning it in. It highlights the differences of opinion we all delight in discussing. We've got some ideas of our own on how to go forward with this honing process, but we're interested to hear from you.


This garage is, after all, as much about reflecting your opinions and tastes as much as it is ours. Up until this point we've sort of been in the drivers seat, selecting and offering up cars we deemed fit for consideration, and you playing more of a passive role, submitting ideas and voting up or down on it. The shift to iterative improvement of the garage now has us thinking you, the reader, will be playing a much more active role now.

Trimming the fat in the past was an exercise in vote off. It had it's benefits and pitfalls, but it did work. It has been proposed that we begin the improvement process from a purely analytic angle, beginning with the weakest showings and working to the most successful. We like to think we may take a look at automotive segments and eras and then improve within them.

There are many different ways to identify nominees for the ax and vote them out, and nominate a replacement to fill the spot. While we have our ideas, we'd like to hear yours, since you'll be driving the ship a lot more now we want to make it work for you. We can't promise any one idea will be a winner, but a mix of a couple might do the trick. So let's have a fireside chat about just how to do this thing going forward.

Keep in mind, this is NOT a discussion to nominate cars to go on the chopping block, the improvement process will begin next week. We're just interested in figuring out just how to make it work smoothly


Jeff Glucker


2001 Nissan Altima GXE Luxury Edition.

I am trying to vote it out of my "Reality Garage" as we speak, but no such luck at the moment.