Jalopnik Discovers Jake's Unofficial Successor At ZR1 Ice Cream Break, Meet Elwood

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We were cruising Woodward a couple minutes ago, scoping things out for spontaneous conflagrations of coolness, and we got way more than we bargained for. Parked outside the Dairy Deluxe, an ice cream parlor staple along the Ave, was a pair of Corvette ZR1s. So of course, like moths to a flame we descended for picture taking. Only thing is, the ZR1's kept coming, in all, five of the super-Vettes had been driven in by various members of the GM engineering squad, and that wasn't all we saw, we discovered the unofficial mascot of the ZR1 — he's blue, he has horns, and his name is Elwood. Get it? Jake and Elwood, like the Blues Brothers. Jump for more.


The "Jake" logo originally born of the Corvette C5R racing program has been officially nixed from all ZR1 activities. That doesn't mean the GM Design Studio couldn't work up a new, unofficial logo to act as the mascot for the ZR1. The little blue devil skull borrows elements of the Jake logo, but also hearkens back to the originally rumored name of the car, the Blue Devil, an homage to Rick Wagoner's Duke Alma Mater. Anyone else think these should come standard on the car? Because we think this whole idea is both totally awesome and damn funny.

Remember to come back Wednesday the 20th of August for our first impressions of GM's Corvette ZR1, where Wes tests the limits of his sanity, and his pampers.


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