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Welcome to the first Jalopnik commenter public execution extravaganza. As mentioned in the Jalopnik Comments FAQ, we reserve the right to ban commeters for being stupid, abusive or (sin of sins) boring. Well, we meant it, and today we will exercise our self-given right in front of all Jalops everywhere. Before we begin the hanging, one housekeeping note. Sometimes comments post immediately, sometimes it may take the system a few moments to digest your comment, once saved. No need to madly repaste your comment and save again, resulting in the public shame of a double-posted comment (yes, it's happened to us too). Of course, multiple posting is not a capital offense. Anyway, on to the show.

Executed: Brunow.
Crime: Unimaginatively insulting an editor; impersonating a douchebag.

It's always great fun to mess with an editor for screwing something up. But blindly whipping out the "dumbass" is a bang-on indication of a weak mind. Next screwup, might we suggest prospective jab takers tap their right brains for something slightly more colorful. Perhaps "goofbag," or "fucktoast" or "sucks off 1988 Hyundais for fried chicken." Your fellow commenters, and the editors who draw their fire, will thank you for it. And it might just save your ass.

Disputants may consult the Jalopnik Comments FAQ, section 5. However, note also that this manner of death isn't really permanent. Banned commenters may return through invitations or through future general amnesties. Existing commenters should also feel free to nominate other commenters for future bannings; doing so will, of course, raise one's own potential banning profile.