Our ever-growing cult of cars has always danced to a different Carnival drum. That's why today we're pleased to announce Jalopnik's first overseas colonization, Jalopnik Brazil! The Portuguese site's ready to give a Capoeira-style kick to the Brazilian car world.

Edited by the fantastic Leo Nishihata, Jalopnik Brasil (it's Brazil in English ‚ÄĒ Brasil in Portuguese) will give our Portuguese-speaking car cult-obsessive brethren a chance to have their voices heard in their native tongue. He'll be taking the best of our content here at Jalopnik, making it Portuguese-friendly and mixing in the best of Brazilian car culture to truly provide a Brazil-centric Jalopnik cult of cars experience.

Brazil's a great choice for our first expansion. The country builds over 3,000,000 cars a year and thanks to mandatory ethanol requirements, Brazil's got a slew of models that we just don't get here in the U.S. There're Brazil-only cars built by traditional automakers like the VW Fox and the Chevy Opala, as well as home-grown automakers like the now-defunct Gurgel or the-still-around TAC Motors.

The country's also got over one million miles of roads but only 5.5% are paved. That means unless you're traveling on the BR-010 from Belém to Brasília, your car's got to be rugged and tough. Two Jalopnik sources of automotive pride.

So, yeah, remember how we told you our goal was to build the Jalopnik cult of cars ‚ÄĒ and help create a new car-obsessive culture? Jalopnik Brazil's the next step. Plus, someone's got to save them from Fast and the Furious 5. V√°! V√°! V√°! [Jalopnik Brasil]


Note: The way we've got things set up, if you have a Brazilian IP address and you type "jalopnik.com" into your address bar, you'll get Jalopnik Brazil. Want to change that preference? Click the "Jalopnik US" link on the top of the site.