Jalopnik Answers: The Plural Of Yaris is...

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Our friendly neighbors over at Autoblog asked readers today what the plural of "Yaris" was. We figured we'd call up Toyota and ask. The answer, as well as the apparent official plural of "Prius," below.

An all-too-nice Toyota spokesperson was all-too-happy to humor us, saying:

We usually use the descriptors for either vehicle, like "Prius hybrids/vehicles" or "Yaris hatchbacks/subcompacts," etc. Heard this was a point of discussion! Hope that helps!


So there you go Autoblog, now you know.

Also, something else happened — we think like 1.3 million Yarises are being recalled. But not to worry happy hybrid owners, no Prii appear to be affected.

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Rob Emslie

I prefer just to tell drivers of the small toyota Up Yaris Buddy.