Jalopnik and Facebook: Together Again, For The First Time

Starting this afternoon, readers with a Facebook account will be able to login and comment on Jalopnik using their Facebook profile. Hooray for progress!

Ever since the much-discussed comment redesign earlier this year, readers may have noticed an inactive login option at the bottom of every post. "Coming soon: comment using your Facebook account," it said. Well, today's the day.


Anyone with a valid Facebook account can now leave their thoughts or join the discussion. Comments left via a Facebook profile will be posted both on Jalopnik and on your Facebook news feed. You won't just be subjecting Jalopnik readers to your half-baked thoughts on the Carpocalypse; you'll be subjecting your Facebook friends to it too! Additionally, Facebook comments will automatically appear on the site without fear of interference from tyrannical commenter admins.

The catch (and there's always a catch) is that your Jalopnik comments will appear right next to your (presumably) real name and photo, culled from your Facebook profile, along with a link to your Facebook profile. If you want to mock Ron Gettelfinger or Andy Didorosi for their work, that's your choice, but they'll have your name and information if they choose to do the same.

Speaking of banning, this is a good time to review the general rules for commenting on Jalopnik. While Al Navarro's guide to Jalopnik commenting is worth a read for new readers unfamiliar to the site, my guidelines are significantly simpler:


1) Be interesting - Nobody is interested in whether you think that MOPAR SUX or MUSTANGS RULE.
2) Be nice - Healthy debate is fun, name-calling is not. -isms and -phobias are not welcome here.
3) Be coherent - While nobody expects you to follow the NY Times Style Guide while commenting on a blog, your comments should at least make sense to the readers. I shouldn't even need to say it, but CAPS LOCK is a one-way ticket to Bansville.

As always, I am here to help. Send me an email if you have questions or problems. Happy commenting!


Oh, and no, we can't combine your old commenting account to your Facebook account...yet. So if you prefer using the old school method, continue to go about your business.

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