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Jaguar denies it, but the UK's AutoExpress reports Ford's big cat brand is planning a four-wheel-drive crossover SUV. Similar in ride height to the Audi A6 (obviously unlike the prototype, pictured), the UK hauler β€” allegedly due in 2009 β€” would be built on Ford's Volvo-derived global P2/D3 midsized platform (Volvo S80/Ford 500), which would make it a cousin of the new Euro Ford SAV (E-MAX) minivan, with the AWD system of Land Rover's new Freelander.

From the picture, it looks like a chop-top version of Ford's SAV, which could put it squarely in rebadged-model hell. Still, done properly, a Jaguar SUV could take on the Mercedes M- and R-class in the new "luxury people mover" category.

Jag's 4x4 On Prowl [AutoExpress]

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