Jaguar XJS

We’re really not sure what was happening the moment the guys at Hesco Inc. decided to put a Viper crate motor into a mint, 14k original mile, V12 Jaguar XJS, but we’re betting it had something to do with mass quantities of booze. They purchased an 8.0L V10 from the Mopar catalog and from the looks of it, leisurely dropped in into the engine bay of the Jag. Some may wonder why you’d do a swap like this, we offer this suggestion – the original 6.0L V12 was a stout unit producing 314 bhp, but the Vipers 8.0L V10 has two less cylinders, over 100 horsepower more and goes like stink, making for one sweet-ass sleeper ride. Now if we could only find our purple suit and matching manatee-leather boots.


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[via Hurley Engine Service Company]

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