Jaguar Land Rover Would Like To Throw Some Money At This 'Ride Share' Thing, Please

I put the InMotion logo on a D-Type because I would love to summon one from my iPhone. (Image: Jaguar Land Rover)
I put the InMotion logo on a D-Type because I would love to summon one from my iPhone. (Image: Jaguar Land Rover)

While “car companies are becoming tech companies,” Jaguar Land Rover is taking a slightly different tack and firing up a wholly-owned “startup” of about 30 people specifically assigned to figure out to how to sell people cars as potentially shareable transportation solutions.

BMW is doing it. Ford is all about alternative mobility solutions now. GM has a take on the ZipCar idea. Car sharing is cool, guys. At least these outfits’ market research seems to suggest so.

Jaguar Land Rover’s new subsidiary “InMotion” is vaguely defined as “a new technology business that builds apps and on-demand services to overcome modern travel and transport challenges,” in a press release.


They say their first order of business is to nail down “emerging travel and transport issues” which they think they can profitably solve. Then they plan to begin running experiments, then a business model and hopefully eventually a marketable product will emerge. Also they’re wondering if you’d like to volunteer to help them?

Sounds like the company really is starting at square one with their approach to this which, I guess I can respect more than just co-opting other ideas. But we’re expecting something better than “Uber with more British charm,” okay guys?

I don’t think any long-term mobility solution from Jaguar Land Rover will involve being able to get picked up for an off-road Defender safari from your iPad (though, maybe?) but I’m curious as the next car fan about what the company will try in this space.

Jaguar Land Rover has progressed by leaps and bounds in product quality, basically since Indian mega-sized car company Tata took them over. I think the upswinging trend bodes well for their future in general.


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I think I should apply, I have a Land rover and a jaguar. I can offer a unique driving experience to the discerning few.

Sorry, tiger, not jaguar, my bad.