Jaguar Fixed Our Giant Fake Vent Problem

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Have you see the new Honda Civic Type R? The amount of fake, solid, cross-hatched plastic doubling for air intakes (and outtakes?) on that thing is horrendous and ungainly. There’s a better way to do it.

You would think that automakers and designers would have already devised as solution to fill in all of the surface area of a modern car without having to resort to pretending a car sucks in more air than a jet engine. Why? Because things are moving to hybrid and electric, so let form follow function.

It’s worked on the modern Tesla range pretty damn well, but many people still find the over-smoothed styling too polarizing of a look. Like that scene in The Matrix when Neo’s mouth grows shut.


But Jaguar has introduced a happy middle ground with the XE SV Project 8. Did you notice? Instead of clicking in some weird plastic webbing to fill in the gaps on the fascia, the design features a more organic looking, body-color ventilation pattern.


Now, while all of the intakes on the front of the XE SV Project 8 are in fact functional, that doesn’t mean the same style can’t be adapted to cars that don’t need all that airflow but still need something to do with with their design language.

I think Jaguar has really pulled off the look. It’s natural, and reminiscent of a fish’s gills or something. And it’s body color, so it still provides contrast and structure without covering the car in a sea of black plastic shapes. It’s a smart, sharp look, and I wouldn’t mind if more automakers stopped playing pretend and adopted Jag’s new interesting method.