Jackie Stewart Drives Hell Out Of '84 Tempo, Calls It "Driver's Car"

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Ford_Tempo_Fanatic may never forgive me for what I did to a free Tempo at Infineon last spring, but at least I've managed to find a vintage ad showing the Tempo on the race track!


I would have taken Mr. Stewart's claims about the Tempo more seriously, had he agreed to use one as his daily driver, but it's still impressive seeing Ford's Forgotten Econobox on a race track.


I've seen Jackie drive, and I've seen other drivers drive, and I think a fair portion of what makes the Tempo a driver's car is Jackie taking it for a spin. The man has a mantra: smoothness. Never upset the balance of the car, and its performance envelope becomes so much bigger you'll think you're in a different car.

It's true. I've taken friends cars for drives with them riding shotgun, applying everything I've learned and they tell me that the ride is totally different, but our times are usually the same or a bit faster for me. And I never look as busy at the wheel. Some of that has to be because it never feels the same when you're not the one driving.

Then we switch back, and they go back to driving just like they used to, elbows out and tires squealing.