Remember back in October when we told you about that deadbeat tow truck driver who hooned the crap out of a GT-R with a transmission issue he was supposed to take to a dealer for service? Remember how we all were hoping this piece of shit gets what’s coming to him? Well, then this should be good news.


Here’s a little clip from the dashcam footage that did him in where he freely admits what he’s doing:

Houston’s ABC-13 reports that during the investigation, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation found the tow truck driver, Travis O’Sullivan, was not licensed to operate a tow vehicle. In fact, the police confirmed that O’Sullivan doesn’t even have a valid driver’s license at all, which is really the olive on a toothpick jammed into this massive shit sandwich.


There are actually three total shitwiches here: O’Sullivan, of course, but also his friend Ryan Jayce Spencer, who also drove Brian Montgomery’s hand-control-equipped GT-R, and Tony Spencer, who was just a willing passenger-idiot.

ABC-13 also reports that O’Sullivan has a bunch of priors, including burglary, theft, and even a DWI. O’Sullivan and the other man who drove the car are charged with felony unauthorized use of a motor vehicle; they face up to two years in prison. The passenger was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass in a motor vehicle.


ABC-13 quoted the GT-R’s owner, Brian Montgomery, talking about the charges:

“I’m glad that charges have finally brought against them, at least at the bare minimum and that something is moving forward. That’s a big relief.”

Once again, dashcams bring justice.