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The other year, Jaguar showed us the C-X75 Hybrid supercar concept and there was much rejoicing. Then Jaguar told us they are going to build and sell the C-X75 Hybrid supercar concept and there was, once again, much rejoicing.


But now Jaguar has cancelled production plans for the C-X75 Hybrid supercar. Here comes the opposite of rejoicing.


Apparently, Jaaaag says that tough market conditions have made building a $1.1 million hybrid supercar unviable. Jaaaag's Global Brand director Adrian Hallmark said it broke his heart to cancel the project.

But if his heart is the one that is broken, why are all of us here uncontrollably crying on our keyboards? Sure, we couldn't afford a $1.1 million car, neither could most of you, but the idea that something that excellent looking was going to be coming out of a factory somewhere in the world made us feel all tingly and excited.

That excitement has now been replaced with a sudden urge to lie on the couch in the fetal position, eat ice cream, and watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Damn it.

BUT WAIT! There's a slight light at the end of the tunnel: Jaaaag is going to finish development work on the five prototypes it currently has. Once that's done in spring 2013, three of them will be kept for Jaaaag's own use and the other two will be sold.


Here's to hoping we all win the Power Ball by next year.

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