It's Time To Play Guess The Chassis!

Hot damn, everyone, it’s that special time again! It the time we display an image of a car’s chassis for you here—via computer—and you use your eyes to send an image of the chassis to your brain—via optic nerve—and then you use your brain to try and figure out what car the chassis is from! Are you ready? Good.

This edition’s chassis is a good one. It’s a “pressed iron sheet” chassis with a lot of box sections for strength, and even has an integrated spare wheel well. It looks pretty serious.


So, guess away! Stick your guesses in the comments! If you want the answer you can click here, but only if you promise not to cheat.

Good luck, chassis-guessers!

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the prize for guessing is a firm handclasp and some expired Arby's coupons

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