It's the Long Island ice tea of street race crashes

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Take one part Dodge Neon SRT, one part Mitsubishi Lancer, mix to 145 mph on a Long Island expressway and here's what gets served: Two drivers charged with a bevy of counts after the Neon took out a gas station and the Lancer hit a Hooters. Surprisingly, no one was injured. Thanks ruthless013!


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PotbellyJoe and 42 others

My theory of what happened.

During the race the SRT-4 driver was getting hot so he decided to put down the windows.

The front windows went down no problem, but he had to roll down the rear ones, a feat of strength at 145 mph.

During this maneuver he swerved and cut off the Lancer, who in his attempt to swerve caught his buddy band on the magnesium toggle shifters. His inability to swerve led to the collision that sent one careening into a gas station and the other into Hooters.

Damn you Dodge, this was preventable. Why couldn't the back windows be power?! Think of the children!