It's Slightly Easier To Find Stolen Cars In Detroit If You Have OnStar

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A little bit of good news from GM, which is harder to come by lately. The automaker's OnStar division is partnering with the Detroit Police Department to make it easier to track down stolen cars with the service. Great news for that narrow population of people that actually have it!


Crime is down in Detroit (it's warm now, so you can't use the ol' "no one commits crime in the snow" excuse, and it's not like snow ever stopped people from selling drugs, beating their spouses or neglecting their children) except for carjacking, which is higher this year than it was last year. Even the police chief was almost carjacked a few months ago.

The chief and his department reached out to OnStar about making the process simpler to track down a stolen car with GPS. In the past, a driver would have to file a police report after the incident. Now, OnStar is allowing police to verify that the car has been stolen at the scene of the incident, so officers can begin tracking it down immediately.

Again, this is great if you fit into that box of someone who drives a GM vehicle and continued using OnStar after the free trial period. For everyone else, I guess we'll have to keep on our toes? To not get carjacked in the city, the chief suggests things like not using your phone at dark intersections and think twice if someone "accidentally" rear ends you in the middle of the night. So there you go.