It's Okay That The Ferrari California Is The Exact Opposite Of An F40

Ferrari doesn’t need you to love the California T in order to sell loads of them, but it’s nice to know that the new version is miles better than their first try from 2008.

The California T is the first (twin) turbo road car from Maranello since the 1987 Ferrari F40. They had to go there again in order to have an engine for all their future V8 models which can produce more power while burning less fuel in a cleaner manner. But to make forced induction feel like it wasn’t there, torque is limited in the California T in the lower gears, so you’ll still enjoy those higher revs before switching into fuel economy mode while cruising in 7th gear on the highway.


As well as that engine linked to a smooth double clutch gearbox, the California T also offers a fast hardtop, a working touchscreen and a wicked cabin with soft leathers all around. Oh, and it will do 196mph, just because why the hell not. Carfection had a good time in this one:

It’s okay if you fancy a T.

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