It's Not Really Camping If Your Land Rover Turns Into A Skyscraper

(Video Credit: Wild Fennec/YouTube)

The camping-with-your-car-but-more-hardcore scene known as “overlanding” has picked up some steam in the last few years. And this $50,000 Wild Fennec conversion for your Land Rover Defender is pretty much the ultimate manifestation of it.


Look how quick the wagon turns into a little skyscraper!

In case you want to see that again, in the snow:

The concept is simple, and old as the Defender itself: take a long wheelbase Land Rover, rearrange the back to make cool living quarters, then drive somewhere ridiculously remote and start churning out an epic Instagram feed. Or something like that.

Anyway the Wild Fennec here is hardly the first heavily involved “overlander” vehicle upfit, or the biggest. Or the most expensive. But I do believe this might be the most quintessential interpretation of overlanding as we know it today.

It looks genuinely capable– the 110-inch wheelbase isn’t exactly “short” but it’s much more maneuverable than a Unimog or some of the bus-sized beasts we’ve seen, but at the same time it’s way too complicated secertly enormous.

And of course it’s based on a Land Rover, the most picturesque of all adventure vehicles. (Did I mention “looking cool” is the only thing more important than not running out of fuel?)


Come on, there’s even a wooden deck on the back of this baby!

It’s just over-the-top enough while actually looking halfway professional. Except maybe for those Hot Wheels graphics, I guess.


The company making the Wild Fennec seems to be run by a couple of French adventure-travel enthusiasts. Looks like the machine will be on the market at the beginning of 2017. I’m guessing the €50,000 (about $53,000 right now) list price doesn’t include a Land Rover, so make sure you start with one that’s not too rusty.

Or you could save your pennies for gas and beer and just live out of a Geo like a real tough barnacle.



Turns into? Why can’t it be skyscraper all the time?