It's Not Hard To Get Lost When You're Racing In The Dark

Everyone always claims the Mazda Miata is the perfect track vehicle. Au contraire: this one proves it's a competent off-roader, too.

Welcome to Onboard of the Week, a new feature where we spend that pesky time between race weekends looking at awesome footage from inside the car.


There's something about a night race that I can just watch for hours: the contrast between light and dark, the way lights fall away the second you're farther from the paddock—all of it is just amazing.

Here's a few laps around Gateway Motorsports Park from atop the LeMonata during ChumpCar's Central Region Chumpionship. Highlights include a, uh, "shortcut" early on in the video and a car that's brought underglow back.

Is there a better place for underglow than at a night race? Nope.

Night racing in the unofficial car of internet commenters everywhere. Rejoice.

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