It's Magical When Stirling Moss And Lewis Hamilton Talk Racing

You know what it took to do Grand Prix racing back in Sir Stirling Moss's day? Balls. Huge brass balls. How else can you explain climbing into his Silver Arrow racecar and driving 170 mph with what would now be considered a glorified bicycle helmet?


Even Lewis Hamilton finds himself blown away by the prospect of F1 racing in Moss's era, of which Moss said "we lost three or four drivers each year" to crashes.

Their discussion about the technology and art of racing then and now is a lot of fun to watch. In this video from the BBC and Mercedes, we get to see Hamilton and Moss compare notes about their two cars and see just how far the sport has come since the 1950s.

There are a ton of great moments here, like when Moss pops the hood of his W196 and shows off the glorious straight-eight engine inside, saying "Look at that for an engine, boy."

But the best part comes at the end when Hamilton explains the tricky paddle shifting involved with starting a modern F1 car, and Moss says all he did was check his instruments and shoot a dirty look to the driver next to him. Classic.

I just wish the video was longer. I could watch these two chat for hours.


Patrick George

Stirling's face during the paddle shifter discussion was priceless.