It's Impossible To Be Sad When This Bike Engined Car Exists

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Everyone’s favorite guy-who-stands-at-the-side-of-racetracks-filming-all-the-cool-cars, 19Bozzy92, is here with the cure for all that ails you. This little Italian home-brew concoction is the best thing on the internet today, and you need to spend the next 7 minutes staring slack-jawed at the impressive power and maneuverability of a Fiat Cinquecento powered by a Kawasaki ZX10-R liter bike engine. It’s a bucking, bang-shifting, drifting, wheel-lifting good time in a super tiny package, and your spirits will be bright for the rest of the day.

Apparently, in Italy, there is a series called ProtoP2, which encourages one-off builds like this. They are essentially large go-karts with big motorcycle engines and a car body popped on top. It goes without saying that these are not street legal, by any means, and are specifically built for track use, but damn they look like an absolute riot.


The racing depicted in the video below was captured at Castelletto Circuit, while running a Formula Challenge event. This type of race is effectively run as a chase race, where cars are set out at preset intervals, and try to run down the car in front of them. That sounds like a whole lot of fun to me, it’s like a combination of a track day and a Japanese touge battle.

I really like this car, and it will likely inspire me to look into swapping a motorbike engine into one of my decrepit piles sitting in the back yard. I’ll never get around to it, mind, but it’ll be a good few days of research.


Now, the real question is, do we call this a Kawacento, or a Cinquesaki?