It's Hard To Comprehend How Much Money Was On Track At Daytona On Saturday

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

You know how it feels to think about life and the universe, how small you are in comparison, and where life starts and ends? How it feels to realize that it’s quite hard to comprehend everything? That’s what it’s like to watch about 1,000 Ferraris make a lap around Daytona International Speedway.

The gathering was part of Ferrari’s Finali Mondiali event, held at the home of the Daytona 500 this year. According to Daytona Beach News-Journal, the Ferrari parade on Saturday was an attempt to beat an existing record for most Ferraris rolling around a race circuit at once. The existing record is 964 Ferraris driving at Silverstone Circuit in 2012, and the News-Journal reports that Ferrari’s goal for this weekend was 1,000.

According to the News-Journal, Ferrari did not release the numbers after several requests on Saturday night. The numbers still don’t appear to be released.


But even if they didn’t hit 1,000 Ferraris, just imagine how much money was out there rolling around the track—or don’t, because your brain may start hurting.

There are definitely a few years of college tuition in that pack.

If you’re looking for some more speed out of a Ferrari on the high banks of Daytona, Formula One cars went out there for the first time ever during the event. The laps start at around a minute into the video:

Daytona and F1 cars. What a beautiful life this is, no matter what forms of motorsport you’re a fan of.

Oh, yeah. And an attempt at a world record. That happened, too.

Thanks for sharing the video, Greg!

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So many Ferraris!