It's Friday Afternoon, Blow Off Work And Watch James May Build This Mini Honda Motorcycle

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James May is one of few people in this world who can simply stand behind a workbench, put a bunch of parts together for a half an hour, and be genuinely entertaining all the while. Here he is assembling a Honda Mini Bike in a way that only the lovable James May could.

This episode of The Reassembler involves the The Grand Tour host putting 303 parts of a Honda Z50 Mini Trail monkey bike back into one rideable machine.

What should be boring is deeply entertaining, as James starts by describing the fascinating history of Honda’s little motorcycle, and then goes on discussing how the Japanese motorcycle company became so successful after being vastly underestimated by the arrogant established British and American motorbike companies.

From there, he entertains us by struggling to install ball bearings and spread brake shoes, he plays music using a hammer and a wrench set, and goes on and on about the difference between a screw and a bolt— a very boring topic that, somehow, he discusses in an ironic enough way to be hilarious.


My favorite part is when James says that the reason why he likes riding motorcycles is because it is the “nearest thing that a modern man has to the charger of the medieval knight, to the Arthurian quester of legend.”

Okay, James. Sure.