It's Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

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If you're driving a Lamborghini, you don't want it to burn to the ground. That's hope number one.

Earlier today, I relayed the story of how my Lamborghini adventure up to Rhode Island almost ended prematurely when the car got a little hot thanks to the catalyst overheating. UKPDXWRX didn't necessarily see a reason to worry:

The catalyst temperature thing isn't really a fire risk - since the catalyst is part of the exhaust and the exhaust already gets very hot, so there's heat shielding and whatnot. It does risk destroying the catalyst however.

Fact is catalytic converters on these kind of cars are not long for this world. EGT's are high and flow is outrageous.


I still thought it was better to be safe than sorry, and so did doodoon2whls:

Actually, the catalyst temp issue can very much be an indicator of imminent immolation via deflagration of your vehicle. The bits around the catalysts will burn readily despite the multiple heat shields when they are heat soaked. The shields stop most of the radiant heat from the catalysts, but once everything around the catalyst is heat soaked to um, say about 'cherry red' degrees Fahrenheit, stuff burns - especially in a mostly composite-body vehicle.

The blasts from a roll through 3rd gear are especially difficult to manage cat temps throughout. First, you turn on the blast furnace through 3rd gear @ WOT, then you dump some raw fuel on over-run while decelerating and the throttles are closed. The raw fuel ignites in the cats and the temps skyrocket in the brick. The closed throttles means that very little 'cool' exhaust flow is occurring. Hence, the polite request for Travis to not do that.

So here's my protip: If you smell something that is slightly like smoke, pull over no matter what the cause is. You're welcome.

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Congratulations, Mr. doodon2whls, on COTD today! I would like to gift you with a Lamborghini which this lovely lady will deliver soon. Right now, she has her hands full, but she'll leave when she can.