Welcome to The Abandoned a weekly segment where we take a look at various awesome vehicles around the Tokyo Regional Area which either appear abandoned or have not moved in a very long time. Today's Abandoned appears to be a 1980s BMW E24 Coupé with an add on M package of some sort.

It hasn't moved since May. It has no registration stickers at all. It probably hasn't been driven in years. In fact, there's never really any other cars in the lot in which it resides, so it must be getting awfully lonely (I know, I know, anthropomorphising machines). And it seems like it would be fun to drive.

At first, I thought this vehicle might be an M6, but apparently, the M6 never came in an automatic (which, I suppose, makes sense, why would it?), which means that this is probably some sort of M package. Either it came as option from the dealer, or the parts were purchased separately. Maybe some of our premiere bimmer fans can tell us which it most likely was.


I found this particularly fascinating. Although I was alive when West Germany was still a real country, I usually don't even remember that it was. So to see this BMW with a BMW Japan sticker and yet a mention that it was built in West Germany extremely jarring. An odd thing is—why was this built for Japan in West Germany but is LHD? If it was built for BMW Japan, why wouldn't have been built in a RHD configuration? I see few BMWs here that are LHD.


Anyone got any info on these wheels?


How sad. Those tires just make me want to Woooooomp Wooooomp.

Images via Kat Callahan/Jalopnik.