It's A Nice Day For A Skyline Wedding

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Love for Nissan's Skyline sports car is well known, but one couple took it further than any other, getting married in the midst of several generations of Nissan Skylines. We won't hesitate to say this one's a keeper.

The wedding joined two car nuts together in holy matrimony, amidst some of their dearest friends and hardware. The bride's Z-car was used in the procession as the grooms Skyline GTS-T watched on from a turntable. Friend's cars were in attendance to round out the ceremony. Congratulations on the nuptials you crazy kids. (Hat tip to Crizomatic)

[Dallas Imports]

Photo credit: Eric Scott

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YankBoffin hoons a BRZ

Of all the silly themed weddings I've seen, this is the one I'd most like to have attended. Seriously, football fans get married at stadiums, animal nuts get married at zoos in the stinking elephant house (there was just one in my town this past weekend), and idiots go get married in Disney World. My least favorite weddings are the cookie-cutter type that have no personal touches and could be ANYONE's wedding. A Nissan Skyline wedding that totally reflects an automotive passion that may very well have been what brought these two together? Awesome.