A Corvette Z06 is a pretty good deal for what it is, but it's not exactly cheap. It starts at about $80 grand, and as you can imagine, there's some pricey options: racing stripes are $950, a carbon fiber ground effects package is $3995, and a fire extinguisher is as much as a Chevy Cruze. What, what?

According to Chevy's Build Your Own Vehicle site for the Corvette Z06, one of the options listed under "Accessories" is a Fire Extinguisher. Okay, that's probably a smart thing to have around. I have one in my car, even. The difference here is that the price of that Fire Extinguisher is listed as $17,160. Here's a screenshot:

That must be one hell of a fire extinguisher. For that kind of money, I wouldn't expect a fire extinguisher to just put out the fire, I'd expect it to capture the fire, re-habilitate it, and train it to be my personal valet. "Fuego, would you mind blackening this catfish for me? Fuego, this wound needs cauterizing — now, dammit! Fuego, get over here and sterilize my opium spoon." That sort of thing.

I'm not really sure that's the case, though. If you roll over the 'Fire Extinguisher' entry, you see the detailed description stating that this item contains "432 pcs." So, let's see, 432 fire extinguishers at a total of $17,160 comes to about, uh, carry the two... $39.72 per extinguisher.


Oh. Put it that way, that's not so bad. I guess it makes sense to cram every inch of available interior space in your new Corvette Z06 with 432 fire extinguishers. That gives that look of confidence and preparedness that are the hallmarks of any Corvette owner.

Of course, this is just an online configurator, and nobody really knows how those work, so mistakes like these happen from time to time. I suppose it's not real, but I bet you could find a dealer who'd sell you a fire extinguisher package for that price if you really wanted to.

Hopefully Chevy won't notice this (probable) mistake until some buyer committed to having the best, most fully-optioned Corvette orders the Fire Extinguisher package, and several palettes of fire extinguishers show up at the dealer.


(Thanks, Matt Sitler!)