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Italian Ferrari Club track day claims another victim

Looks like that Ferrari Club Italia Troféo held at Vallelunga circuit near Rome this past weekend wasn't just the last roundup for a Ferrari 599 GTO. Another driver went pear-shaped on a decreasing-radius turn off a high-speed straight, sliding his 458 Italia into a tire wall. Tis but a scratch!


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Why hello there! How ya'll doin'? Welcome to my showwww. Today, we're going to learn a brand new recipe that I'm sure you're all gonna just looove!

Now, the very first thing we're gonna wanna do is preheat them tires to 'Sticky' by slidin' them back an' forth over the tarmac, real gentle-like, just enough to warm 'em up.

Next, go ahead an' crank up the heat till you're almost at the boiling point, right before the apex.

Now, here's the important part, so don't mess it up or you're gonna have a whole heapin' mess of trouble on your hands.

Just in case you were a little heavy handed on the heat before the apex, since that decreasing radius can cause all kinds of problems with the tires, preheated or not, you may want to apply a heapin' helpin' of left-foot braking and just a tiny little dab of opposite lock. Now be careful to gently reapply the gas on the way out of the turn so you don't scorch them back rubbers and you should be all set.

And lookit there! You've still got your pretty red Ferrari!

Well I hope you enjoyed my show today and be sure to keep those chicanes buttery smooth! Ya'll have a nice day now, y'hear?