It Was the Fourth of July in Iceland

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The Icelandic Drift Championship ran on the Fourth of July back in 2015 and one very appropriate car rolled up to the line: a 1994 super-aero Pontiac Firebird. It ripped.

The car clinched third in the little low-key competition. Watch it onboard and see how remarkably relaxed the car looks to drive. Blip of throttle on the torquey V8, let the weight carry the slide.


Exterior vid of the car can be seen here:

It’s not complicated. It’s just a muscle car living its tire smoking dreams, be it in Iceland or not.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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1) I can’t believe how nice the upper dash pad is in that car. No cracks!!!!!

2) As far as I’m concerned, folks can sleep on 4th gen F-Bodies for the rest of eternity. You’d be extremely hard pressed to find a faster car for $3-6k than an LT1 or LS1 motivated 4th gen. The more of them languishing in trailer parks for cheap the better.

Yes the interior was probably a joint venture between GM and Fischer Price, but the chassis is excellent. You get an SLA front end and a 3 linked, panhard rear in a car that will tuck 315mm tires at all four corners. Do you guys realize how much money Fox/SN95 Mustang guys spend to essentially turn their cars into F-bodies? They’ll blow money like bubbles swapping in similar suspensions and drivetrains.

Either V8 is plenty for hooning and both have a ton of potential. We all know the virtues of the God-touched LS1, but don’t throw shade at the LT1. They’ll do upwards of 400rwhp with ported factory heads and a proper cam. Aaaaaand T56. You, know, the thing that Vipers and Terminator Cobras had? They got those.

I have over a decade of seat time sliding around in my beloved ‘98 Z28. Drag, drift, autocross, road racing, whatever. They’re a blank canvas just waiting to tailored to whoever’s liking. They’re like Fox Bodies, but superior. (They don’t have the same snap oversteer issues for 1.) They’ve also got really decent steering. You see the way he would flick the wheel and just let it do it’s thing? I’ve put my Camaro sideways and just let it straighten itself out on throttle alone many times. There’s an amazing amount of control and balance with the chassis and it rarely bites you without telling you it’s going to.

Anyone who hasn’t driven one (in anger), I suggest you seek the opportunity to do so.

Close your eyes and imagine the T-Tops off and the locks from your mullet dancing in the wind as you dump the clutch, downshifting your way into a torque induced powerslide as you exit the trailer park on a Friday night run to the BP for a case of Natty. It’s gonna be a good night brother!

You’ll see the potential.