It Took Aston Martin 11 Months To Put Headlights On The Valkyrie Supercar

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Aston Martin has sunk unknowable amounts of money into its F1-car-for-the-road project, the Valkyrie. Nearly a full year ago the company first showed this car with bleeding-edge suspension, aerodynamics and hybrid drive. Now it has finally tackled the greatest engineering challenge of all: putting on headlights.


Anybody can hammer together a nearly-as-fast-as-an-F1-car design for racing alone. The real hard stuff is making a car that works on the road as well. There are innumerable challenges I can barely even imagine. Still I can try:

  • Should the headlights go on the roof? (No.)
  • Should the headlights face backwards? (No.)
  • Should the headlights go in front of the front wheels, facing forward? (More research is required.)

As you can see, this is an incredibly arduous process, and I am not surprised in the least that Aston Martin had to spend nearly a full year showing off a car that only had little grey spaces showing where headlights would go.