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It Is My Belief That This Is The Fastest Car In The Universe

Gif: Akina86

Look, you may have things like “science” or “math” that will tell you that Kristaps Blušs’ carbon-kevlar BMW M3 with a 9,000 RPM American V8 under the hood isn’t technically the fastest car in the visible universe, but empirical evidence (this video, my own eyes and ears) suggest otherwise.


Kristaps is one of the standout characters in Formula Drift, as the Latvian native is not only probably the most aggressive driver in the field but also, visibly, the fastest. His HGK “Eurofighter” E92 M3 is an absolute rocketship, which sees him tearing away from his competitors when he’s in the lead, then often banging and smashing into them when he’s in the chase.

He won at this year’s high-speed round at Road Atlanta and then sadly threw away a good chance at a win at the most recent round at FD New Jersey, looping it with his foot to the floor at one of the trickiest transitions on track.

But he came out the day after competition to Club Loose’s ProBroDown at Englishtown, letting his thousand-horsepower Mast Motorsports V8 wind all the way out on the bigger road course. I was there at ProBroDown and watched him pull away from Chris Forsberg, himself in a twin-turbo 370Z gripped up to infinity.


Of course, me saying the car was fast won’t convince you. Thankfully, Akina86 shot the car going warp speed over the weekend for you to enjoy.

Again, you could try to tell me that there are faster cars. I just won’t believe you.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Of all motorsports, this is near the dumbest. It’s worse than...

Nah... I couldn’t think of a dumber event. Drifting is the worst.