It Costs So Much Money To Crash On The Nürburgring

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The internet loves Nürburgring crashes. Race crashes, prototype crashes, crash compilations—we’re obsessed. But we don’t really talk about what comes next. The price penalty drivers face for wrecking part of the track is probably worth more than the cars.


Car Throttle has evidently started doing animation-style fact videos, and you know what, they’re pretty good. The latest one is on the price tag you can expect in a worst case scenario should you go flying off of the Nürburgring in whatever coffin-on-wheels you could scavenge for the honor.

Think about it. There’s the price of admission to just get on the track (which you don’t get back for crashing), which is 30 Euros on a public driving day, otherwise known as the demolition derby if YouTube is anything to go by.

Then there’s fixing whatever part of the track you hit. Say you ruined 20 meters, or about 66 feet, of barrier. That’s 150 Euros for the repairman to come out, with 60.69 Euros per meter of barrier on top of that. If any barrier supports are damaged, that’s another 79 Euros. The recovery truck another 300 Euros.

Just 30 minutes of time with the safety car is another 82 Euros. Then there’s Germany’s VAT rate applied on top of all of that, which is another 19 percent of the total.

Despite rumors, there isn’t an automatic fine for closing down the track when crashing because, most of the time, the track doesn’t close for just one small, isolated crash. It would would take a big one, or a series of incidents to actually force a shut down. The ‘Ring is big.

At this point, Car Throttle estimates your cost for damaging the track and getting out of the way is already over 3,000 Euros, or about $3,250. Then there’ll be the final cost of transporting your broken car wherever you need to take it. Then there’s the cost to repair it, if it’s even worth it to bother.

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I’ve driven the track, just don’t go balls out. There are so many guides on what you should and shouldn’t do. Most of these guys who are there are going to be faster than you, and they have more experience, more skill, and more car than you. Stay right and you’ll be mostly fine.

Do keep in mind, taking a non-ideal line to stay right and letting others pass you means you need to slow the fuck down. Just because you can make that corner at 100km/h on the racing line doesn’t mean you can do it on the right.