Isuzu Truck Appears To Have Landed Lucrative 'Obscure View Of President Trump Golfing' Role UPDATED

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While we are unable to confirm any official contract or agreement, it appears that Isuzu has landed a very important role for their NPR HD line of work trucks: blocking television crews from seeing President Trump golfing at his West Palm Beach golf club. This is a big win for Isuzu, and a very public one as well, with their truck getting lots of camera time that would ordinarily just be of President Trump in golf clothes.

CNN described the use of the Isuzu in a report earlier today:


As you can clearly see from the video there, the 2005-2010 Isuzu NPR N62 Crew Cab box truck performed its job with exceptional competence, showing off the Isuzu truck’s impressive opacity, a hallmark of Isuzu trucks for decades. In addition to being completely opaque, the truck also shined by being fully motile, as you can see in the above clip as the truck moves to more effectively block the camera.


The spot the Isuzu was deployed to is one that’s been traditionally used to get video of the President golfing. The Secret Service claims not to have ordered the truck, nor the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s department, leaving a mystery as to exactly who Isuzu managed to get such a sweet and influential deal with.

Isuzu’s excellent PR move is a bit unexpected, since just two days ago President Trump tweeted that he’d be back at work the day after Christmas instead of at the golf course with an empty public schedule:


The change of plans was a fortunate one for Isuzu, who’s public image in America has waned significantly since they got out of the consumer vehicle space in the U.S. in 2009. Isuzu remains best known in America for their series of commercials featuring Joe Isuzu, a comical pathological liar:

It’s good to see Isuzu back in familiar territory, and back in the American public eye! Great PR work, Isuzu!


UPDATE: Higher-resolution images show that this truck is actually a GMC-badged Isuzu! So, this may be a PR coup for GMC, and Isuzu is just a hidden beneficiary!