Is WRC Driver Ott Tänak's Hair Perfect Or Is It ***Perfect***?

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Estonian Ott Tänak is driving for Ford in the WRC again, one of the team's two young wheelmen for this 2015 season. Is his hair perfect? Yes.


Not only is his hair a study in beauty, it's a feat of brilliant poise. Tänak just took off his helmet and balaclava in this picture taken during last weekend's Rally Sweden. That it is so immaculately posed leaves me stunned.

Photo Credit: WRC/@tWorld



If your hair is naturally straight and you put on your balaclava by pulling directly down, your hair will do that. Smooshing can sometimes work hair miracles. Personally, as someone with long purple, blue, and black curls, I french braid mine before putting my helmet on so I don't have to fight with it or get helmet hair. File that under "girl specific racing problems."