Is This The Wildest Intersection In The World?

Imagine an intersection where completely de-restricted race cars of almost any kind are allowed to drift in, do burnouts and donuts to their heart's content, and then peel off into the night without any fear of the cops.

This is the Karowa stage of Poland's Barborka rally, and it might be the most hoonage-packed intersection in the world.


Reader Wojtek Jakóbczyk sent in this brief description of the hoonage you're seeing above.

this is a clip from the 50th edition of the most prestigious rally in Poland, called "Barborka". It's final special stage "Karowa" takes place downtown Warsaw on a very narrow, winding street and is exempt from the most technical rules of FIA rallying (no restrictors on turbos for example, all classes of vehicles including rallycross or baja trucks allowed). However, since it's not included in the final standings of the rally but is considered an event by itself, some drivers just do not take the whole route, but show off on a crossing of two streets, by the main grandstand.

The rally itself is an invitational event of the Polish Automotive Club and features drivers from various types of motorsports — racing, rallying, drifting (they sometimes screw up), this year Felix Baumgartner of Red Bull Stratos took part (got lost on SS2 and was DQF).

The guy doing donuts is Maciej Steinhoff, a racing driver and winner of ADAC Volkswagen Polo and 1st runner-up in Scirocco R Cup. Seems he's quite good in precision driving.

Can you think of a more hoonage-filled intersection than this crossing in Warsaw? We can't.

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