Is This A Widebody Dodge Challenger ADR Hellcat Mule Or What?

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Could this be the world’s worst stanced Mopar? Could this be the work of Detroit’s worst alignment shop? Or could this actually be a prototype of Dodge’s new widebody ADR Challenger Hellcat?


Dodge is supposedly planning a widebody version of the Hellcat in our immediate future. As we noted before, it should still be rear-wheel drive.

This certainly looks like a prototype of the car, as sent to us by reader Joel, who spotted the thing on manufacturer plates during his Detroit-area commute:

Just saw this on my commute home on i75, just north of Dixie Hwy. Thought “man that dude has some wide tires” then remembered there is an upcoming Hellcat variant with a wide body kit. Plus he was running a manufacturers plate. After he noticed me recording him he slowed down and shadowed me almost all the way to my house (after taking a few pics of my license plate). Not sure what he was trying to accomplish there. You drive a prototype around, people are going to take videos! He was hot dogging pretty good before he noticed me but who wouldn’t if they had the keys to a wide track Hellcat?

That or it’s some serious Jon Sibal wannabe. But I doubt it.

(Hat tip to Joel!)

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


Illegal Machine

A few of these prototypes have been running around with manufacturer plates. Pics have been posted on Allpar and other sites for a while now.

They’ll have separate widebody/fender flares that are bolt on, as opposed to 100% new panels from what I understand.