This Is Probably The Special One-Off Ferrari FF Coupe In Japan

We've seen a bunch of one-off Ferraris lately, from a custom targa-topped F12, to a possible Ferrari FF Coupe. We first saw patent drawings for the latter way back in October, but that was it, and it seemed to have disappeared underground since. But this could be it, hiding in plain sight in Japan.

When the patent drawings first surfaced, we worried it might have been a design study, or even worse, a hoax. But this picture sent to us by an anonymous tipster at a local festival for the automaker, seems to confirm the Ferrari FF Coupe's existence, and if we take a closer look, you'll see why I think that's the case. For that, we have to closer.


No, closlier.

And... ENHANCE! Which actually does nothing. But alright, with this zoomed-in and cropped picture we can clearly see the details of the car.

In contrast to a normal FF, this one has more aggressive vents in the front corners, but the biggest giveaway are those vertical lines right up in the grille. They're completely absent in a normal FF, and also an F12, so the car looks to definitely be a one-off. Those headlights look to be off of an FF as well, but not an F12.


But if it's got FF headlights, and it's based off of an FF, it doesn't have the FF's famous shooting-brake rear hatch. Plus, the roofline looks to have been painted white, as if to accentuate the difference from a regular, run-of-the-mill Ferrari, as if there were such a thing.

And finally, you can see there are three vent slats on the front wings. That's not a feature on the FF, nor is it a feature on the F12. But guess where we did see it before?


Right there, on the FF Coupe patent drawings.

All in all, I wouldn't say this is definitely the custom Ferrari FF Coupe, but I'll give it a solid 95%.


What do you think? Could it be the Ferrari FF Coupe? Or just a weird regular Ferrari? Let us know in the comments below.

Oh, and if anyone happens to be at a Ferrari festival in Japan right now, don't hesitate to send us pictures from some more angles.

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