We aren't positive if this unbelievably pristine example currently listed on Ebay is the nicest first generation 4runner in the world, but we imagine it's definitely in the running. This 38,708 mile example is about as close as you can get to buying a brand new example of a classic 26 year old SUV, but be forewarned, it doesn't come without an equally hard to believe price tag.

Here in Massachusetts, a "rust free" first generation 4runner is one without holes in the body you can stick your hand through, and even those are hard to find. It's unbelievable to anyone familiar with the rust prone nature of older Toyota trucks and SUVs that any example remained as rust free and nice as the example seen here.

Sure it probably spent most of its life as a California garage queen (it has only travelled 38k miles in 26 years), but it doesn't make it any less amazing to see one so clean. With the right engine (22re), transmission (5 speed manual) and color (black) combined with the low mileage, solid front axle and overall condition, it's no surprise such a nice 4runner commands more money than the "average" clean 1980s 4runner.

Exactly how much more is a bit of a surprise though. Bidding is currently under the reserve price at $24,100 with a little less than 2 days left on the auction. Usually clean first generation 4runners manage to bring a little less than half that price on Ebay. Who knows exactly where the bidding will stop, but with the current bid already nearly double the 1985 sticker price ($14,318) it would appear pristine SUVs with a cult following can be a wise automotive investment.

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