Mercedes just teased a new Maybach coupe and now everyone is freaking out about the possibility of the ridiculous Exelero making a comeback.

Look at this profile and notice the Maybach logo:


Most of the speculation is that this could be a new Maybach Exelero, which was a one-off 700 horsepower coupe with a twin-turbo V12 and an asking price of just $8 million. It looked liked Darth Vader designed one of those rip-off Grand Theft Auto supercar lookalikes:


To be quite frank, the Exelero is pretty damn ugly in that “fuck you, I’m rich” kind of way, which is the best way to be ugly. It was inspired by the 1938 Maybach W38 Stromlinienfahrzeug:

I’m guessing we’ll find out more about this new Exelero, or whatever they end up calling it, at Pebble Beach. I wonder where it’ll get its V12 (as it better have a V12)?