Is This The New Camaro Z/28?

Here you can see not one but two camo-wrapped Chevrolet Camaro mules. Could they be the new Camaro Z/28? Probably! Maybe! Sure looks like it!

They’ve got the same rear wing, missing side-rear windows and the front bumper canards that the mule we saw back in May has.


The reader who sent us the photos said that they were spotted in Tazewell, Virginia on the Back of the Dragon. Which is a superb place to test a track-focused Camaro, if you ask me.

We’re also due for a new and better Z/28. Of course, I don’t think it will have that monster 7.0-liter engine anymore. Oh, no. That’s much too pedestrian. What I think it will have instead is a 4.2-gallon Y-12 engine. Mm, yeah. With camless hydraulic valves. And KERS. And a split turbo. Those are so hot right now.

Also the second mule appears to have left the house that morning and forgot its wing. Silly car.


All image credits: Shannon


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