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If the Corvette is supposed to be a babe magnet, then this may be the first babe to be ‘magnetized' by the new Stingray.


The picture comes to us from Jalopnik reader Matt, who wrote to us from Arizona, where the P***y Magnet Yellow C7s roam.

Met the sound engineer for the C7 at Dozo in Scottsdale last night. Really a nice guy. He's the one in the black car that jumps on the cell phone in the fanboy molest video. Anyway, we have his Invisalign kit and want to return it. I know you guys could get the word out.

We enjoyed meeting them and seeing the fully loaded new car. Here is a pic — the proverbial ‘dat ass' shot.


We can't confirm that this is the first beautiful woman to check out the newest sports car on the block, as the car has been spending plenty of time off camera on public roads by now. Hell, we're sure there have been plenty of female engineers who have worked on the car and driven the thing. Still, this may be the first recorded sighting of its babe magnet in action.

Also, the Invisalign kit has already been returned to its rightful owner.

(Hat tip to Matt!)

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