Is This Saturn The Work Of A Madman Or An Utter Genius?

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If you’re on the hunt for a crazy person, just go to Craigslist. Anyone who puts a Geo Metro body on a Wrangler frame is off of their rocker. Anyone who puts a porthole window and a loony fascia on a Chevy Blazer has lost it. Anyone who puts a Mustang on a Scout frame has gone cuckoo. Or they could all be geniuses, although maybe not the guy who built this Saturn.

They’re all insane, I tell you! If someone thinks to themselves “You know what, this Saturn SL1 has about the same wheelbase as that Blazer. We therefore have no choice but to do a body swap!”, then something ain’t quite right in that noggin of theirs. Either that, or the person is an utter genius. I haven’t figured it out yet.


Either way, I want to meet him, because this shit is incredible. Look at this build—it’s got two rear bumpers!

Now, we see crazy cars on Craigslist all the time, and we’ve written quite a few posts on them. And while we here at Jalopnik try to avoid writing the same types of stories over and over (we’re all about keeping it fresh), these “crazy Craigslist” cars just never get old! (To me, at least).

I mean, who would I be as an auto journalist if I withheld the genius that is this Saturn SL-1 on a Chevy Blazer frame from you, our illustrious readers? I’d be a horrible person. A nothing. A nobody.


You all deserve to see this precarious body sitting upon metal tubing welded to the frame of a Blazer.


You deserve to see a differential pumpkin painted like a jack-o-lantern :


You deserve to see whatever the hell is going on here:


For the good of car culture, I had to write a post showing the world this grotesque machine. After all, for all we know, this could be a great work of art that in 2,000 years will be on display at museum run by our robot overlords. We just don’t know; the person behind this project—Marc, as the Craigslist post states—could be an absolute genius.

The chances are fairly low, though. I’d say he’s probably more likely slightly “eccentric” in this case. I mean, the guy wants $1,200 for a unibody car mounted to some poles welded to a frame. The engine is shot, the brakes don’t even work, and most of the lights are on the fritz.


Plus, half of the interior plastics were haphazardly chucked in the trunk during what the seller refers to a “beer repair day.” I’m not even sure what that means, but it sounds a lot like Marc may have been hammered whilst wrenching. Which, when you look at this car from any angle, isn’t all that surprising.

Regardless, I’m glad Marc graced this world with a Saturn SL1 mounted to a Blazer frame. It is wonderful, but in the strangest of ways.


h/t: Jake

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