Is This Russia's Secret T-14 'Armata' Super Tank?

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Russia's next big super-tank, the T-14 Armata, is said to be unveiled in Red Square during this year's Victory Day Parade, but nobody has seen the prototype, until now... maybe.

The chassis looks uniquely modern, with seven main wheels like the now defunct Black Eagle tank prototype that some say the T-14 is based partially upon. The barrel looks very basic, although it may be too soon to see the T-14 with its production stabilized barrel system. The turret looks elongated although the shroud covering it gives us few details as to its exact shape or the systems installed on it.


What do you think? Is this the T-14 the Russian government says it will triumphantly unveil it on May 9th in Red Square, or is it just a modification of an existing design? Tell us your thoughts.


UPDATE: As Foxtrot Alpha and Jalopnik readers immediately noticed, this video was taken at seemingly the exact same location as the 'famous tank cross' dashcam video:

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