Is This Model Car-Driving Lizard The Original GEICO Gecko?

Before that annoying Limey GEICO lizard invaded our television screens with polite reminders that we can save $15 a month or more on car insurance by switching to GEICO (fuck, did I really just say that?!), there's new evidence that he was once a corvette driving bounder.

This old photograph of a lizard driving recklessly through someone's home popped up on reddit, and is a pretty good indication that the GEICO lizard got his current job because he had a debt to pay. That's right, due to a number of collisions and felony traffic violations in a collection of model cars, the lizard probably saw the commercial gig as his only way out of mounting financial and legal troubles.


So next time you hear that soothing, innocent little British voice telling you how you can save money on car insurance, just remember that the first thing you can do to keep your auto policy premiums from skyrocketing is to not be like the GEICO Gecko.

Or it could just be that a couple of guys who were really bored used to catch lizards and take pictures of them sitting in model cars. Either way, I don't trust that shady GEICO reptile, and wish he'd go back to Blighty already.

Photo credit: reddit

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