Is This Ferrari F40 LM Conversion Supercar Heaven Or Sacrilege?

There was a time before top-speed records and hybrids when driving a supercar meant more than piloting technology. You didn't just drive one of these machines, you tamed one. The Ferrari F40 was the one of the ultimate supercars of its time, and it can be yours for only $1.2 million dollars.


Auto journos frequently toss around the phrase "street-legal racecar", but the F40 was one of the few cars that actually lived up to that cliché. The folks at Bring a Trailer report that this 1992 F40 (VIN ZFFMN34AXN0092296) has a full "road legal" LM conversion complete with larger turbos, modified engine internals, carbon fiber spoilers aerodynamics, larger brakes, and upgraded suspension.

The owner claims an original 11k miles and the car is accident free. Though it would take special kind of driver to keep it that way. The F40 was the last car Enzo approved for production and some claim it is the last "great Ferrari." Ferrari purists may take issue with modifying such a rare classic, but the work looks to be professional quality and the resulting performance must be other-worldly.

There has been some controversy lately on the direction Ferrari is heading. So if you are concerned that too many of your wealthy friends will have a prancing horse in their driveway and you must have the ultimate supercar, liquidate your assets and have them all bow to your F40 LM.


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