Is This Car A Hatchback, A Wagon, A Minivan, Or A Crossover?

In Europe, this would be categorized as a compact MPV. I asked my educated colleagues what they thought, and now, I ask you.

Here's how it went down:

Máté: Guys, what would you call a Skoda Roomster in America?

Travis: Awesome.

Máté: It's not a wagon and it's not a minivan because no sliding doors.

Jason: Why is it not a wagon? The height?

Máté: Because it's taller.

Travis: Crossover.

Damon: Truckster.

Máté: So, everything is a crossover. Got it.

Jason: Maybe? I'm not sure about crossover.

Patrick: Small van?

Jason: It's closer to a Colt Vista or a Honda Wagovan.

Andrew: Small minivan?

Máté: We call these compact MPVs.

Jason: Maybe MPV.

Patrick: I would call it a small van.

Andrew: compact MPV=minivan in America, I reckon.

Raph: What do we call a Kia Soul?

Jason: Technically, probably 5-door hatch. I think it fits the wagon criteria.

Raph: I always liked the name wagovan.

Jason: Wagon works well. It implies what this is.

Travis: Wouldn't this just be a small crossover?

Jason: Crossover I thought was more SUV-car as opposed to car/van.

Raph: Before crossover, we had CUV. And before that we had compact MPV though no so much in America.


Well, you tell me!

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