Is This All-Wheel Drive Dodge Challenger Concept Amazing Or Completely Unnecessary?

Could Dodge be on the heels of an amazingly hoontastic winter car or are they just wasting our time? I can’t tell. But they made a Dodge Challenger with all-wheel drive, and I’m still trying to figure it out.

I get it. SEMA is about showing off crazy unthinkable designs and new batshit aftermarket parts, but the Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept is something else. It touches very close to reality while also remaining very far under the halo realm of concept cars.


Basically, the Dodge Challenge GT AWD Concept is a Challenger equipped with the Scat Pack 3 Performance Kit, the eight-speed automatic transmission, and a new prototype Mopar suspension kit that lowers and stiffens up the car on every corner.

Oh, and an all-wheel drive system that is probably borrowed from the AWD Dodge Charger. It’s the first AWD challenger ever. The 5.7-Hemi V8 used in this concept puts out about 450 horsepower, which should be more than enough for some proper winter hoonage. But is that the point to all of this? What is Dodge trying to accomplish with this concept car?

I’ve always looked at the Challenger as being a throwback to the good ol’ days of American muscle. If they’re thinking of throwing an all-wheel drive option at it, then maybe I’ve been wrong all these years. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t very alive back in the original days of American muscle, but I think they did just fine without AWD.


On the other hand, we’ve heard from plenty of folks who lament they can’t drive their Hellcats when the weather gets bad. AWD is an increasingly popular option on cars now. Why should muscle cars be any different?


Maybe Dodge wants it to be an ideal drag car. This could make sense because it was indeed lowered. And lowering wouldn’t really make sense for a winter car. Maybe they just want to give their buyers whatever mental confidence is delivered when they see the letters “AWD” slapped on the back of their car. I’m not sure.

Then again it probably doesn’t matter. It’s a concept after all.


Photo credits: Dodge

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