Is This A Mid-Engined Corvette?

Amid rumors of a mid-engined C7 Corvette, comes this photo of an extended wheelbase Corvette with modified bodywork and a lot of space behind the front seats. Is this a mid-engined next generation 'Vette mule or a freak one-off? UPDATE!

UPDATE: Peloton25, a sharp-eyed commenter, noted that the manufacturer plates match Fisker, thus making it a Fisker (likely a Fisker Karma) prototype. Clever bodywork, Fisker. Also, calling it the "Karvette" is a good sign. Thanks to everyone for help in solving this mystery!

Reader Rzrektd_Brd says he spotted this mysterious Corvette on August 9th. From the photo, it definitely appears to be a Corvette and features the signature taillights and recognizable shape. What's different is the larger flares and what looks like an extension between the front of the cabin and the rear.


GM's fervently denied that the next generation Corvette C7's going to be mid-engined and denies this is their vehicle.


The car has manufacturer plates, indicating it's a test mule from an automotive company of some sort and not a crazy personal project. This doesn't necessarily mean it's GM, it could also be a coachbuilder or aftermarket company.

Clearly, someone is building a very special Corvette and needs to invest in better camouflage.


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