Who remembers Vector? Back in the 90s, they were creating some angular and outlandish super cars , and somehow they're still around today, likely performing all manner of unholy mechanical experiments. How else can you explain these massive parts of a something in their back yard?

Eagle-eyed Jalop Andrew spotted these and sent us the Google Streetview link to see for ourselves. These Streetview images are from 2011, though a look through the history shows that this thing has been there since at least 2009. It appears to be (most of) a Hydroflyht ground-effect aircraft.

Specifically, it looks like that thing may be a partially dismantled ram wing effect vehicle.


The Hydroflyht name was trademarked in 1995, and does not appear to be still active. The company's "Goods and Services" description on their trademark application was:

Goods and Services:combined surface effect and watercraft, namely, vehicles capable of operating from water surfaces at low speeds and in the air in the region of surface effect at high speeds

... which would certainly imply an interesting direction for Vector to move into. Appropriating some cutting-edge technology from the ground-effect aircraft would does sort of seem like the only plausible explanation for Vector's performance claims about their WX-8 Hypercar, which they say can reach 300 MPH. I'm probably about as willing to believe that as I am that it's using Hydroflyht tech.


One line of development we can be certain that Vector is not wasting time or money on is their website, which looks a little like a hardcore Star Trek geek's Geocities site from around 1995.


Yikes. I'm curious to see if this is anything beyond someone not being able to turn down a deal.